The Little Things...


To me the little things mean the most in life. They make a situation better, they make you smile when you never expected to and in some cases they may make your day. This is why I want to do more of the little things for other people. For example the other day I decided that I would stop a women in the street and compliment her on her shoes and she turned from looking like she was having the worst day ever to having the best. I don't know I just like doing that... Is that weird? I hope you lot don't think so.

I thought about doing a motivational post this week but then I didn't know where to go with it. I had links of YouTube videos ready and everything but literally 5 minutes ago I sat down and though how about no. I thought why not share some positive thinking instead because I mean who doesn't love a bit of that.

Just like Cameron Dallas once said in a vine...


So why not make their day? I mean Cameron made mine so...
and can I just say that he is one finneee looking boy.

Stopping that women in the street made me feel good. It made me feel happy that I might have made her day a little bit better. Maybe it will make you happier making other people happy - you should try it out. Spreading optimism is the best thing.

A few of the little things you can do to help others or yourself:

1)  Smile More. 

If you see someone, give them a smile. It doesn't have to be a massive cheesy smile but just a small one because why not. If they don't smile back that's their loss :)

2) Give Compliments.

Make that extra effort to give a compliment to someone today. We all know that when we receive compliments it makes us feel good.

3) Help Someone Out. 

If someone is having trouble with something just ask if they need help with it... you never know it could really really make a difference.

4) Hug. 

Maybe not random strangers but a mate or family. Even a small hug as a greet can make someones day.

5) Share Jokes.

You may not be funny (like me) but maybe your way of telling really bad jokes will make someone smile.

The little things mean a lot to me and I would like them to mean a lot to you to.

Whoops I found another vine... He is right - THIS IS LIFE!

It happens to be on my list of the little things that make me happy.

If you don't agree that is is just perfection then... yeah you may need to try it out one more time :)

Two other things that were added to my list of the little things that make me happy is...

1) A disabled man gave me the nicest smile I have ever seen when he entered to tube with his friend. I was thinking about the massive patch of skin he was missing on his head and thought how incredible it was that he may be in pain, but he took a split second to smile at me. Honestly, that made my day.

2) You guys! You are all 100% incredible.

  • There is now 22 of you following the blog on Bloglovin'
  • There is now 7 of you who are members of the blog! 
  • There is now 12 of you following me on Google + 
  • I have had 22,878 views on Google +
  • And last but not least I have had 3,676 views on my blog. 
Seriously i'm so excited! Thank you so much! 

I'm sorry this post has been all over the place. I don't know why but I found it really hard to say what was on my mind. Despite that, I hope that you all understood (kinda) what I was saying. I want you all to know how much you clicking onto my blog means to me and that you are worth every drop of blood you are. Lets share the positivity and rock out!!

Have an amazing weekend

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