Bad Days


It has not been my day.

Today has been one of the worst I have had in a while, with numerous things making my day all round hell. Without reminding myself of these things and telling you (trust me I have ranted enough today as it is), I wanted to write about it. Writing is something that, one, I am not the most talented at yet, two, makes me feel better. Being able to scribble or in this sense type things out, makes it easier for me to clear my head. 

The day started at roughly 6.30... I have no idea why I was awake at this time but hey what can I do? I burn my hand on curlers and then make my way to school. Within 10mins of sitting down in tutor time I get a 1hr detention (which to be fair I understand) however, I then had teachers on my back for the rest of the day.  Have you ever gotten so angry and upset you cry/tear up whenever someone asks if you are alright... yep well that was me today.

Despite all these things, I can still say I had a good day.
‘It will never be my day’ - recently, I have said this a lot. Now I want to stress that, no matter how bad your day seems to be, there are always positives. You have to take negatives to create a beautiful picture (nerdy photographer talk). 

One reason for having a good day was... I got through it. I managed to get through that terrible day. I had to physically restrain myself from running home, cuddling up and eating chocolate for the rest of the day but I did it. Second, I have seen the people around me react to this odd side of Anna that they never normally see.  One person in particular, Miss Emily Jenkins (I see you reading). These people have shown to me how truly amazing they are. Lastly, I will keep learning. Maybe one day soon, it will be my day *laughs forever* or maybe there is a reason why my day has been so bad. I can look back at this day, compare it to other days and say, ‘wow I am having a good day compared to the 14th’.

Thank you for all being amazing.
How was your day?
I hope it was better than mine.

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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