Do Not Let Other People Determine Your Happiness


After a very annoying (to put it as pleasantly and politely as humanly possible) younger student approached me today whilst swearing at me and immaturely calling me clapped and frass (i.e. ugly), I was left angered.  As I was leaving school, this child saw me and done the same.  At this moment, I was to either smash him round the head with my school bag or approach him non-violently. I personally believe it would be a waste if my own energy if I was to hurt him and it is plainly wrong, so I didn’t. Instead I approached him.

Here’s the thing, I have never seen this student before, not once have I been rude to him nor do I know his name so how can someone have the audacity to be as rude as he has been. Now to be fair, I have not been affected by him calling me names as I again think that would be a waste of my energy however what sparked my anger was the thought of a stranger being that disrespectful.

This is what got me thinking, someone could have dealt with that situation completely differently. I have chosen to ignore it. I feel someone else would have swung him a punch there and then or gone off and cried about how insecure they now feel. Honestly, I have before been left feeling immensely insecure about myself, so I know how it feels. 

I am grateful that I have learnt to not let other people determine my happiness and I believe that others should learn too. Yes, there will be times when one comment will set you off and get you annoyed etc. Although, take on board that at the end of the day, someone does enjoy your company, does like the way you look and will be your friend. Take the negative drive from other people and turn it into motivation. It is hard and I am still learning how to deal with (it is possibly never ending) yet if you give up, those people will take over your thoughts and feels – something we must not let happen.

If you want to have a good day, go and have one. Small minded individuals should not make your day. 

Update: Just spilt a whole glass for water on my bed/ over my english work & that teacher I was having a fued with last week gave me an hour after school when I am meant to be practicing for someone elses gcse dance choreography. I even explained this to her and said I would do lunch and break time detention... but no. I might just stop helping people so all my problems go away. Never the less, I will still say i had a good day.

How was your monday?
Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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