Dear Reader,


After having been writing this blog for over a year now, it has left me time to think over things.

For the last year, I have been writing on and off on this blog and I honestly feel it is a little part of me. Once I turned on my laptop earlier this evening, I noticed that I had reached 225,000+ views on google+  and over 15,000 views on my blog - something I am personally really proud of.

I love gifs.

Now, (slightly bursting my bubble) a mate of mine expressed that that number 'isn't that big tbh'. Not only was I slightly annoyed by this, it made me realise something: For over a year I have been writing on a blog with the intention to inspire hundreds of people. Obviously, I know that this is not true yet - due to the 'isn't that big tbh' number of views and that I don't have millions of followers.

But here's the thing, I never ever do any of this for the views. I do it because I love to write, capture amazing memories and then be able to come back and read about them in a few years time. This is like an online diary and no matter how many times someone tells me that my channel sucks or that I don't have many followers, I simply smile.

To others, it may seem tiny. To me, it seems massive. To see how far I have come is my favourite part of it all. To know that this time 2 years ago, I had only dreamed of starting a blog and  maybe even a YouTube channel. I jumped out of my comfort zone - changing myself as a hole. I now have no shame in what I enjoy doing, people will try to affect me by telling me what I do is rubbish but I just laugh.

I know that deep down, it is something I really wish to do in the future. Writing is something I love to do and further more, to peruse some sort of career in it would be ideal and a dream come true. I wanted to mainly say a simple thank you. Thank you to the 1771 people who follow me across all platforms - you all mean so much to me.

Follow your dreams and do everything and anything that makes you happy. Keep smiling and listening to good music (such as Green Day).

Signing out,
Anna xx

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